Chalcography, also known as chalcographic engraving or copper plate engraving, is a printing technique in which images are produced by using a printing press to make a print from a metal plate onto which grooves have been incised. These hold the ink that will be imprinted on the paper. Originally, the technique only referred to engravings on copper, but it gradually extended to engravings on all metals, like zinc, alluminium etc.

It is a complex process consisting of many stages, as far as the production of an engraving is concerned. Purely intaglio printmaking technique, where the tones, from the whitest to the darkest, are obtained with the help of a chemical acid, different for each metal. Engraving methods vary and are different from each other. Laboratory material and technical infrastructure is required for the realization of etchings.


Engravings that were realized during the student period of the artist in the Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences of the School of Fine Arts. Projects realised by a combination of the techniques: drypoint on metal and aquatinta, design made by the artist during his academic studies.


Projects carried out in the material and technical infrastructure of the school laboratory. The prints are made on watercolor paper, following the traditional method of engraving and printing of an engraving.

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