«IMPRESSIONS» │Greek Printmakers Association │Olypmic Municipal Art Gallery of Marousi «Σπύρος Λούης» │Marousi, Athens │22 March- 22 April2023

“Self-Portrait – Artists’ Portraits” │ Printmaking Center of Athens │International group Printmaking exhibition │ETCHink Gallery │Athens │3 March– 1 April2023

«Modern Printmaking Exhibition» │ Greek Printmakers Association in collaboration with GALLERY13 │Drama │18 /12/2022 – 21/01/2023

“The Human Dream” │ Cultural Center of Nea Ionia │Greek Printmakers Association│Group exhibition of Modern Printmaking │Volos. 10/12/2022 – 15/01/2023

«Η Πορεία της Γραμμής» │Epigraphic Museum│Organised by Epigraphic Museum & MYARTIST │Athens, Greece│24 – 30 June 2022. First fully accessible exhibition with engravings of Panagiotis Pristouris. Individual exhibition.

«INK ON PAPER 4» │Chilli Art Gallery│Organised by EParis Kapralos│ ARTGriD │Thisio, Athens, Greece│9 – 18 June 2022. Group engraving exhibition. Particiaption with Woodcut and Drypoint.

“ΕΚ ΦύΣΕΩΣ” │ GREEK PRINTMAKERS ASSOCIATION │I. Drosopoulou 17A st., Athens, Greece │23/3 – 30/04/ 2022 │ Personal engraving and printmaking exhibition. Techniques: Woodcut, acquatint, etcing. Take a view at the catalogue HERE

“PRINTMAKING STATEMENTS II – 4 FINE ART STUDIOS” │ ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER-PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P. │ETCH INK art space│Athens, Greece │11/3 – 09/04/ 2022 │ Group engraving printmaking exhibition of the Printmaking Studio of the Department of Fine Arts and Arts Sciences of the University of Ioannina.

“Size the Moment” │ CHEAPARTATHENS │Cheapart NPO│Athens, Greece │12 – 23/12 2021 │ Group art exhibition – fair. A collection of small size acrylics made on cardboard.

“To diko mou Messolonghi” │ Messolonghi By Locals │Messolonghi│Greece │27/11 – 31/12 2021 │ Personal printmaking exhibition. A collection of linocuts and woodcuts printed in Fabrianno and Japanesse paper

«LUNATICA» │ 4a BIENNALE D’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA DI SALERNO │Palazzo Fruscione │Salerno │Italy │6 – 21 Nov. 2021 │ Group exhibition of contemporary Art. Participation with mixed media │Technique: Engraving and Screenprinting

“SKETCHBOOK FOR HUMAN RIGHTS” │ The Project Gallery │Art Hub Athens │Athens, Greece│23 Sept. – 2 Oct 2021 │Group Art Sketchbook Exhibition │ Sketchbook made out of engravings │ Technique: Xylography

“BESTIARIUM 1” | Venue: Athens Printmaking Center – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI | Athens, Greece | 5 May – 2 June 2021 | Group Art Exhibition. Participation with engraving. Technique: Drypoint

“Contemporary Greek Printmaking in Romania” Palatul Culturii Iaşi (Cultural Palace)│National Association of Greek Engravers and Printmakers in collaboration with: Moldova National Museum Complex of Iași │5 – 31 January 2021 │Iasi, Romania. Group Exhibition. Engraving Technique: Drypoint

“HERBARIUM 2” | Venue: Athens Printmaking Center – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI | Athens, Greece | 2 October – 31 October 2020 | Group Art Exhibition. Participation with engraving. Technique: Soft Varnice

“NATURE UTOPIA” | Venue: Spazio Faro, Gallery of Contemorary Art | Rome, Italy | 22 February – 20 March 2020 | Group Art Exhibition. Participation with engraving. Technique: Soft Varnice

“PROGETTO MARABU” | Venue: Mausoleuo Della Bela Rosin | Torino, Italy | 09 – 23 February 2020 | Group Art Exhibition. Participation with Engraving. Technique: Drypoint

“NATURA” | Venue: Etcetera | Torino, Italy | 19-20 December 2019 | Personal Art Exhibition. Engravings made in plexiglass with drypoint and colored woodcuts

“SAATCHI SCREEN” | Venue: Saatchi Gallery | London, United Kingdom | 10 October 2019 | Display exhibition on a high-resolution screen installed on the second floor of Saatchi Gallery. Participation with Drypoint

“MARABU”  | Venue: “Casa nel Parco”  | Curator: Antonella Pina  | Torino, Italy | 20 September 2019 | Group Art Exhibition. Acquatinta and Acquaforte on copper

“Highlights”  | Venue: “Cultural Center of Meliggoi| Meliggoi, Ioannina | 13 May 2019 | Personal Art Exhibition. Drypoints and large scale prints referring to highlights of nature

“BODY FRAMES” │ Venue “Parenthesis” │ Ioannina │February 2015 | Personal Art Exhibition. Paintings of male bodies using hard pastels and charcoal, focused on basic organic forms

Collective Art Exhibition│ Cultural Institute of Municipality of Ioannina│ January 2014

“ART SELF” │ Bookstore “Dodoni” │ Ioannina │ 10 – 20 Oct 2013 | Personal Art Exhibition. Paintings depicting sceneries and landscapes made of acrylics

Participation in the 1st Art Festival of Ioannina │ 18 – 24 Oct 2010


“EK PHISEOS” – Printmaking Exhibition presented at “EKTOS” art space │Greek Printmaker’s Association │Public Release  from cultureNow

“ALLHLON” – Greek International Network related to proffessional evolution│ NPO│ Athens │Illustrator of the Cover of the 4th scientific publication titled as: “Entrepreneurship”

Conference Program of Music and Video Interventions supplementing the ConferencePanhellenic and International Conference: “STE(A)M educators and education”│Participation with school projects of the Video Animation “200 Years Before” and the Short film “Θέλει Αρετήν και Τόλμην…”│7-9 May 2021

“Morning Star” – Giannis RitsosIllustration of the poem “Morning Star”, written by Giannis Ritsos │School project made by students of the Secondary School: 2o High School of Messolonghi │Supervisor of the Project: Pristouris Panagiotis, Art Teacher │ 28 April 2021

“Θέλει Αρετήν και Τόλμην… (It takes Virtue and Courage…)”Youtube channel of  Messolonghi By Locals Short Film referred to the celebration of the Independence day of  the Sacred City of Messolonghi-Western Greece │ Project Organisers and Supporters: 2nd High School of Messolonghi and Messolonghi By LocalsArtworks made by: Panagiotis Pristouris21 April 2021

10th Annual Student Festival for Digital CreationLink for the 10th Annual Student Festival for Digital Creation25 March 2021

“200 Years ago…”Youtube Channel of Secondary High Scool of Aitoliko Students’ Animation projectProject Supervision: Pristouris Panagiotis │ Theme: Greek Independence Day │25 March 2021

Reference for the School Project: 200 years ago…” Newspaper:             AgrinioPress│25 March 2021

“Reference for the School Project: 200 years ago…“│Newspaper: Messolonghi News │25 March 2021

Interview to MYARTIST”Athens, Greece│Live Podcast Interview from the NGO “MYARTIST”│5 March 2021

“Movements in Art History” │Torino, Italy│Educational Program For Erasmus Entrepreneurs│ NGO Organisation: MicroKosmos│ 10 July 2020

“The Artist Room”│Rome, Italy│Online shop │ Engravings │ 8-14 June 2020

“Art In Movimento”│Online Art and Culture Magazine│Interview │Torino, Italy │ 21 February 2020

“Hosted and Supported Artist” │Organisation: My Artist│Athens, Greece

“Print Club Torino │ Internship period │ Torino │ Italy │ September – December 2019 

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