The art of painting is a creative way out where vision and observation change, transform and consequently express themselves on the canvas in a completely different way. An alternative way, in relation to the usual visual perception that we have as a reference to our environment. The aim of the artist is to deconstruct a composition, to approach it in a simple-abstract way, without distorting the identity of the depicted  object-person-environment. Thick touches, clear colors and right composition, are elements that guide him throughout the production of a work of art.


It is a firm belief, not only of the artist, but also generally, that shocking changes bring shocking results. Experiencing a period where we deal with difficult but not unprecedented situations, both collectively and individually, each of us tries to express himself through different means. The artistic upsurge that took place during the quarantine as well as the artistic projects that sprang up afterwards were extremely high.

The artist, during the quarantine, took the opportunity to experiment with different media, to use different materials and to give life to his most vulnerable moments. As a result, he created a series of small artworks in a form off a diary, during the quarantine, entitled “POSTCARDS FROM ITALY”, depicting snapshots of this period. The quarantine diary consists of 3 phases.




Black and white acrylic paintings, created during the first 2 weeks of quarantine. Negative emotions: fear, terrible anxiety for the present but also loneliness.


Hope returns and everything acquires color, and through the gradiations of color and tonality the parts, the place, the “time” acquire substance.


The third phase deals with a special way of vision. Adoption of new properties and characteristics acquired in the new reality.

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